Full Version: [Warning]: cron Task(s) exceed time threshold
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After I moved my installation to another server, system send this message many times, and when I go to Scheduler Manager in admin panel, Workflow shows Running, but task is marked as inactive

How I can solve that?
activate the workflow task and then deactivate it again
I did this several times....

If you set it INACTIVE it should not go back in to Active nor Running (this is what I understood you wanted to do)
If you leave it active and it gets stuck on Running then it is because there is an error in one or more of your workflows and you have to debug which one it is and why
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getFieldDataType() on null in /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/VTWorkflowUtils.php:41
Stack trace:
#0 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/tasks/ VTWorkflowUtils::fieldvaluebytype(Array, 'expression', 'sub_days(get_da...', 'cf_1118', Object(Activity), Object(VTWorkflowEntity), Object(VtigerCRMObjectMeta))
#1 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/cron/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/com_vtiger_workflow.service(83): VTUpdateFieldsTask->doTask(Object(VTWorkflowEntity))
#2 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/cron/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/com_vtiger_workflow.service(98): vtRunTaskJob(Object(PearDatabase))
#3 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/vtigercron.php(62): require_once('/usr/share/core...')
#4 {main}
thrown in /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/VTWorkflowUtils.php on line 41
[root@acomip cron]#
I removed and recreate a workflow, sees works now ...
a similar situation is occurring now

in the apache log there are no messages

I activated the coreBOS debug but I don't see an error message

what message pattern should I look for? the literal "error" or "workflow?
I try

php -f /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/build/HelperScripts/runwftask.php
Invalid task

how i can found what task is invalid?

On account save

[Mon Feb 10 17:29:11 2020] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/themes/images/s.gif, referer: /index.php?action=index&module=cbCalendar

[Mon Feb 10 17:36:14 2020] [error] [client ::1] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getId() on string in /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/VTWorkflow.php:245\nStack trace:\n#0 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/ Workflow->performTasks('12')\n#1 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/include/events/ VTWorkflowEventHandler->handleEvent('vtiger.entity.a...', '12')\n#2 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/include/events/ VTEventTrigger->trigger(Object(VTEntityData))\n#3 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/data/CRMEntity.php(1185): VTEventsManager->triggerEvent('vtiger.entity.a...', Object(VTEntityData))\n#4 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/Accounts/Accounts.php(108): CRMEntity->save('Accounts', '')\n#5 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/Vtiger/Save.php(131): Accounts->save('Accounts')\n#6 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/Accounts/Save.php(30): require_once('/usr/share/core...')\n#7 /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/ in /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/VTWorkflow.php on line 245, referer: https://localhost:1234/index.php

[Mon Feb 10 17:36:14 2020] [error] [client ::1] File does not exist: /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/favicon.ico, referer: https:index.php
runwftask.php needs you to set the task you want to execute, the one that is hardcoded there is invalid in your install
the same happens with evalwf.php which is much more interesting fro debugging
favicon notification is not important as from within the application it is set correctly. If you want to eliminate it just copy the favicon.ico to the top of the install
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