Full Version: Leads conversion window does not open when clicking convert Lead
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Please help me to solve this problem
If i click Convert Lead from the local network, there is no problem, only this problem when using an external network
When using DevTools in chrome (Ctrl + Shift + I), I see the following error message:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
send @ csrf-magic.js:52
send @ jquery.js:4
ajax @ jquery.js:4
callConvertLeadDiv @ Leads.js:235
(anonymous) @ VM905:1

file csrf-magic.js error code here:
return this.csrf_send(prepend + data);

Please help me
Thanks you
first check the value of $site_URL in your, make sure it is set to the correct value as per the external network
I think I configured it correctly
- My system uses a firewall, I have configured the Reverse Proxy when I access port 80 and 443 from network external, then return to the crm local server (example:
- configured dns domain:
crm------A---------"Ip firewall"-------3600
- File
$site_URL = '';
All normal access only convert leads is problematic
try this change:

diff --git a/modules/Leads/Leads.js b/modules/Leads/Leads.js
index 1afea8a66..d6fd84f94 100644
--- a/modules/Leads/Leads.js
+++ b/modules/Leads/Leads.js
@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ function LeadssetValueFromCapture(recordid, value, target_fieldname) {
function callConvertLeadDiv(id) {
-               url:'index.php?module=Leads&action=LeadsAjax&file=ConvertLead&record='+id,
+               url:'index.php?module=Leads&action=LeadsAjax&file=ConvertLead&record='+id+'&'+csrfMagicName+'='+csrfMagicToken,
       }).done(function (response) {

if that doesn't work deactivate CSRF and try again by commenting this line:
The above changes are not working. Is there any other way?
that is very strange, I wasn't expecting the first one to work, but deactivating completely CSRF by commenting the line should have worked... unless the error actually has nothing to do with the CSRF check.

in your first post you indicate where the error is but not the actual error message. Can you share that with us?