Full Version: Picklist Dependency Setup
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I created a new picklist in my systrem and created a Picklist Dependency between them

But system not working properly, becuse all itens ( excluded in picklist dependency setup ) still exhibit in second picklist
In the demo, there is a Piclist Dependency block on Accounts, it seems to be working there.

can you please reproduce your issue in this demo site:

Yes, see in organization relation between list1 and list2
I can't seem to reproduce what you are saying, it is working correctly for me. When I select a value in list1 I see only one value in list2 as configured in the settings section
But system show a value list and blank value too ... it's right?
yes, it is as it does not know which value to select. I have asked a developer to eliminate the blank line and select the value if there is only one, but if there are more than one it will be like this now