Full Version: [ solved ] Doubt - Value in Sales Stage History
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What kind of treatment is apply in field value for Sales Stage History

In my case, in all stages value of my proposal is the same, but system shows a incorrect value ( divided by 1000 ) ?? ( or is a problem because a comma in money values ?)

See atttached image
I applied git pull to the whole system

but there is a colateral effect, apparently system ignoring my setting to decimal point ....

Returned in the American standard, not only this field as the others in the opportuniadde

see attached images
this change would not have that effect at all, it is totally unrelated

maybe some other one but I tried it before pushing and just now before answering and it seemed to be working correctly. try recalculating the user privileges files

I updated the demo also if you want to try it there
Solved decimal point issue ..

This patch only solved for newer changes at opportunity sales stage correct?

Because when I created a new opportunity worked, but older history in older opportunities, still shows incorrectly