Full Version: corebos_updater - fresh install
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I note even in fresh install system shows a error after corebos_updater

If i apply all changes again, system solve this issue

I think is a change for email templates
sadly this is something we haven't been able to fix, it is due to the fact that the module install and creation of records is made in the same PHP call so there are cache issues. The changesets that try to insert records into the new module cannot find it, for the moment you have to launch the updates twice
one possible solution is to create a temporary file, with the commands for the for the next execution

the process terminates, and at the next start, it checks this file, if present it executes

As in other processes, such as when you need to upgrade the Linux kernel, or the version update system itself

It can not update itself, so it programs itself to update next time
it is an option but we have better things to spend our time on and, really, pressing F5 or the "Refresh" button in the browser is just too easy
But is a problem when system shows error messages, for real problems and problem solve with this easy solution

We can ignoring really serious problems

I think in this cases, better a warning message and a explanation to refresh de page, for example
the correct thing to do is to fix it eliminating the cache issue, we are working on it
I fixed this