Full Version: pt_br - translate for module users
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How I can translate a new header

I wish for example "Pesquisa Status"  instead a "Estágio Pesquisar"

I wish translate on/off in admin column to "Sim" or "Não"

And Status is showed Actived or Inactive ( strange because if I click for users details, system shows term translated correctly ... )
Mario just made a few changes to attend to these requests:

Is possible move the word "Pesquisar" move end to front


Today is "Status Pesquisar", in portuguese correctly is "Pesquisar Status"

And in picklist translate --All-- to "--Todos--"


'LBL_ON' => 'Sim',
'LBL_OFF' => 'Não',
and, this patchs causes a colateral effect ...

when system in https ( secure connection ), when editing a user, browser alerts for not secured pages ( mixed mode, because there are any insecure itens )
we have eliminated "search"

can you find the http:// reference? I suppose it will be the SVG images, but I would need to know the exact offending URL as I couldn't see any that was evident