Full Version: My Update Field task clears a date field ONLY on development install
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I have some weird error:

I have created a reference UI10 field on the assets module that references SalesOrders. Every time an asset is saved, it looks for the reference field to see if a salesorder is selected by a condition that simply checks the related SalesOrder for a subject line (when no SalesOrder is selected, the subject line will be empty). If a SalesOrder is selected as related to the Asset, the 'date sold' of the Asset is overwritten by the createdtime of the SalesOrder with an 'Update Field' Workflow task:
format_date($(assets_related_soid : (SalesOrder) createdtime) ,'d-m-Y')

This is used to enforce the Asset's date sold when linked to a SalesOrder and works fine on a production server. Now I've cloned the installation to my local PC, an Ubuntu PC with a regular LAMP stack installed and here I notice that the Workflow task clears the 'date sold' field. I've check the logs:

PHP Code:
2019-04-04T09:09:41+00:00 DEBUG index getValidDBInsertDateValue 
-04-04T09:09:41+00:00 DEBUG index get_column_value datesold, , datesold5D
-04-04T09:09:41+00:00 DEBUG index getValidDBInsertDateValue 01-01-1900
-04-04T09:09:41+00:00 DEBUG index getValidDBInsertDateValue
-04-04T09:09:41+00:00 DEBUG index pquery update vtiger_assets set product=?,serialnumber=?,datesold=?,dateinservice=?,assetstatus=?,assetname=?,account=?,assets_related_soid=? where assetsid=?
2019-04-04T09:09:41+00:00 DEBUG index pquery parameters [3241,ASSETSERIAL,,1900-01-01,In Gebruik,Platenbank,264068,264174,267814

Don't mind the specifics, the important thing is the empty value after 'ASSETSERIAL'. Again this only happens on my local copy, not on the production server.
it is probably the format_date, as the result of that should be in the user format (I suppose). Try just using directly the createdtime field
You mean the createdtime field from the asset? The workflow lives on the Asset
no, createdtime from the SO
You mean try losing the format_date function?
Hmm, I noticed it's also happening in my production environment as well.
(04-08-2019, 09:17 AM)Guido1982 Wrote: [ -> ]You mean try losing the format_date function?

yes, that is the first thing I would try
Let me check that and get back to you