Full Version: Gendoc problem with RTF
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Hi all,  
since last upgrade ( git pull 11 aprile 2019) i can't merg rtf template firectlyu from contact module.
I try to explain: i've six different template example: contract.rtf, end before the last update, i open the contact and press on MERGE.
Now, i've enabled the contact module in the CRM setting and now i see the Merge Documents windows on the right side, but doesn't work.
I've only the option with open office format, insteat if i go to Menu  -> Generate Documents , choose Contat module, select the properly template it works.
anyone know how to fix it

i've uploaded RTF
can you merge openoffice templates?
do you get some javascript error?
can you share the .rtf?
there is a test OOMerge template that I used for testing at:
>can you merge openoffice templates?
i use only rft openoffice not works good with office 2010
do you get some javascript error?
No nothin error, but i don't have debug on

can you share the .rtf?
i've uploaded the rtf..... there are my company details....
Right click on the screen and select the last option in the menu > Inspect Page, then try to generate the template and look at the console tab for any error

edit the template and change your company details for ACME Corporation (for example) and share it??
I opened the OOMerge example and saved it as RTF

I can merge on the list view, but not on the detail view. Let me have a look
The sample file not works. i've uploaded a video to explain,
tomorrow morning i'll retry, now i've to stop.
Joe... amazing
it works!