Full Version: Keep track on expiry date
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In which module I can use to keep track on expiration date notification let say weekly, monthly, yearly basis. and that is also in reoccurrence.
I want to apply my monthly payment bills and yearly service contract
thank you in advanceĀ 
I'm not sure I understand the question. Can you please explain further? Maybe add some example.
e.g. I want to track my yearly subscription bill from the software company
date issue: June 12, 2014
expiry date: June 12, 2015
amount fix: $1,900
I want to put in a reminder 3 and 1 months before expiry
In which module the best place to put this monitoring/reminder?
Two ways come to mind:

1.- Payments and workflows
- Create a Payment record with the due date and amount. This way you can report on past and future payments.
- Add a workflow to send you an email a few weeks prior to the due date
- Add a workflow to create a new payment when the current one is marked as paid

2.- Calendar
- simply create a recurring event and set notifications