Full Version: [ solved ] New version, css issues
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In home icon bar is older ( look as same at older version )
in modules icon bar different position and size

There a small problem, but scroll to top, not working too
I can't reproduce the issue you present in organizations, see if you have some CSS cache issue

I made the "top" a little better
Issue not in organization, in home/dashboard ...
I do not have a defined plan for the home page yet
Icon for calculator is removed, right?

But if I can suggest, I think this first two icon, for create a new and search is better, still align in left ....
Yes, I removed the calculator

I see all icons on the left
(04-27-2019, 07:57 AM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, I removed the calculator

I see all icons on the left

Ok, yes, me too ..

But, for me, is "normal" icons for new and search align right, and other align in left ...
don't worry to much, we are going to change this significantly, I was just trying to save some vertical space after the header change. the guys in charge of the redesign will do more shortly
I've seen some mess here and there in the latest versions. I am planning to spend some time on getting that back to normal in the near future since we won't finish the new UI in a week or two..

I will open an issue on github so we can work from there
@rslemer: There is an issue here where you can post screenshots: I will try to use that as a guideline when cleaning up. If you have any additions, please post them there so I can see if I can fix them.