Full Version: [ solved ] Global Variable EMail_CustomCurrentDate_Format
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How I use this formatting?

I tried d-m-Y but not working ...
Have you read this thread: ?

the format is a valid PHP format so what you put above is correct, but this only applies to the currentdate variable which is now deprecated in favor of get_date('today')
so I got it wrong

Because my problem is that when I put in the task of the workflow to sent a email with a create date, for example in tickets the date of creation of the ticket

it comes out in the American format

I wanted it to come out in the Brazilian format

I set this format in the admin account and the user who receives these emails through the workflow, without success
try using format_date
like as

$(general : (__VtigerMeta__) $createdtimed.m.Y - H:i)
Reading the thread above and looking at the examples in the unit tests I'd say it is more like this:

$(general : (__WorkflowFunction__) format_date(date_start ,'d.m.Y - H:i') ).
Ok, you are right, my sintaxe not working ..

I will try

$(general : (__WorkflowFunction__) '."format_date(createdtime ,'d.m.Y - H:i') ).

Because I think in place of "date_start" is a name in tickets module, right?
yes, that expression will be evaluated in the context of the record
There anything wrong with sintaxe

Printed ."format_date(createdtime

I try changed a " to '

$(general : (__WorkflowFunction__) '.'format_date(createdtime ,'d.m.Y - H:i') ).
$(general : (__WorkflowFunction__) format_date(date_start ,'d.m.Y - H:i') ).
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