Full Version: Quantity of tickets. and total time worked for each client
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I wish a report with a quantity of tickets, open and closed, in month, for each client

In fact, I wish the quantity, total number hours worked, for calculate a invoice for each client

My client, can be open a ticket thru email, and I did scheduler the mail scanner to get this email and open a ticket.

First problem, is system only associate ticket with my client, if email sender in account. For this problem, is possible system associate ticket a account for all contact emails, associate a this same account ?


Account 1 - email
Contact1 - email ( this contact is associate a account, previously .. )
Contact2 - email ( this contact is associate a account, previously .. )

I wish, sender is account@account,,, associate ticket open thru mail scanner a account.

Or that is another way, I get this report ?