Full Version: Version Updated - new field in contacts
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After last updated, system shows a new field in contacts

Template Language

I cant found in language file this label, what right local to include this new label

I suggest include in all picklist for template mode, a "pt_br", (Portuguese Brazil ), because, only "pt" is used for Portugal ( Portuguese )
I added the label to the project, update and you will see the new label

there is no need for pt_br, nor en_gb nor es_es because these templates will need to be adapted to each company. even if there is a "base" template for some languages, each company will adapt them to some extent and they will only need one language. even in a multi-country company going to the burden of specific templates for minor changes is something I really doubt any company will need to do, and, if they do, they can edit the picklist themselves and add the values