Full Version: Workflow not working when picklist value is restricted
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I have this situation

In payments I created a new picklist for financial time, control each payments

One this itens, in picklist is Paid

System uses a field Paid ( in checkbox )

For maintain a system standard, I create a workflow when registry is save, set a picklist with value Paid, when checkbox is checked too

Problem is, this value in picklist, "Paid" is only allowed for restricted users.

When I assign this in settings, workflow not working anymore.
If I setting Paid for all users, workflows working again

even user is allowed to choose "Paid" in pickilist, not working.
But If i marked item "Paid" for all user, working again ...

I basically had no problem with this.

First I setup the picklist, then configured a user who could not access the "paid" value, then I entered as that user and made sure he did not have the value in the picklist.
Next I created the workflow to assign "paid" to the picklist. I see that the admin user did not have access to this value. I had seen this before but never paid to much attention to it. Now I thought that this could be your issue, the value not being in the picklist for the admin user, so I fixed that. The workflow worked correctly.

Then I also tried putting a hard coded string (expression) for paid directly instead of selecting the value from the picklist (raw value) and that worked also.


Ah, ok, understood now

workflows always run in admin context, and in same case, for us, thats is a problem. For example, when create a workflow do created a new task, this task is associated the admin, not a user in session ...

There any way, for run a workflow in user context?
assign the current user value to the assigned user field using the function that is there for that
I means, created user ...
but it is the admin user creating the record, the user launching the workflow may not even have permission to create the record
And is possible change this? or setting for workflow mark a same user as a user created a record?
yes, I suppose this could be done
is possible setting business map for check only if field is changed?