Full Version: Timecontrol Stopwatch not working
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Morning All,

After an update sometime within the last two weeks the stopwatch on the timecontrol pages stopped working. It just sits there with the status animation spinning. Any ideas?
try updating the timecontrol code. basically, just overwrite all the files in


with the latest version you can download from github repository

let us know how it goes
Hi Joe,

Same behavior. The stop watch never appears. I downloaded a new zipfile from github, unpacked them and copied them directly to the file tree and made the sure ownership and perms were correct.
You are most probably getting an error both in javascript console and PHP. Try activating debug log and check the javascript error in the inspector console. See if that gives us some clue to what is happening.
sorry for the delay getting back. i've attached a sampling of the log entry. Hope this sheds some light.
send it to my email, there could be confidential information in there
on its way
deleting and downloading the latest version from git hub of TimeControl module:

  1. deleted the Timecontrol module folder
  2. copied the latest version of the module folder over into modules
  3. set correct ownership
As an update I've seen some odd behavior today. I was performing system updates on my linux web server and after I'd finished opened a ticket and began working on it. When I went to the timecontrol for the ticket I noticed the stopwatch was non-functional again. (As far as I know there were no php updates included in the updates that were downloaded and applied.) So, I opened the zip from github with the TC module in it, copied them over and set the perms. It's working again, but I thought that was pretty weird.
very strange! maybe you have some cron/backup that changes the permissions or something?
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