Full Version: Notes Block on Support Ticket
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Hi All,

I'm sitting here wondering about something. I'd like to add another block to the support ticket: specifically a notes block that would allow me to enter notes on the ticket rather than entering this information into the comments section or the solution section. Is this possible? And if I did add this section would a new field of magically created in the database to support this and hold the information entered on the form?

Enter the application as the admin user. Go to Settings > Module Manager
Click on the row of support ticket and then on Layout Editor
This part of the configuration will permit you to create new blocks and fields of various types and move them around as you need. This will create a field in the database where the information will be saved.

Let us know how it goes.
sweet! I'm gonna do that now and I'll let ya know how it goes. This is gonna be a big help.
The field went in just fine, and accepts and stores the information just fine. But the width is kinda small; about 20-40 cols wide. I don't see a control to set the width of the text area.
I've noticed something about this Notes field I added. It is defined as a textarea and as such has a limit to how much data is stored in the db field. (I believe it's 65K.) Can I change this field definition in the database to hold more than 65K to something like a text blob?
No problem at all, you can change the field type in the database and it should work ok. better if you use largetext instead of blob though
we are working on permitting you to change the field to a full extent. In the meantime go to the layout editor, click on the properties of the field, you will see the field name in the title (cf_xxx)

go to the database, open the vtiger_field table, search for the fieldname and change the uitype column from 21 to 19, that should get you full length
Perfect... thank you. That did the trick.