Full Version: History when user is removed
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Today when I removed a older user and created a new one, I can move all registry, in this operation to new

My problem, this operation, changes all registries in comment, and I need maintain a older comments with a older user

I know there another question about this, in GPRD too

I suggest created a global variable to choose whats modules is affect for this process, I means, moved from older user to a new user

This is possible? or maintain a older user is broken links or created a access problem ( with modules is private, for example .. )

What you think about it?
I think it would be an issue to keep records assign to deleted users, I would suggest you make them inactive in this case.
But this created a new problems with a normal operation, like as

filter with a condition "current_user
report with a test for each user
payments test with a user ( for calculate a commission for sales )

and others ...
sorry, I don't understand any of those issues. I understand that we are talking about historical data. I mean, if you are actively working with the records assigned to an inactive user, you MUST assign them to an active user.
Yes, but the problem is not all registries will be transfer to active user

for example

contacts, account, opportunities should be, but comments and payments not ...

Old comments, and older payments, need be, maintained a history, in original user
Sorry but I still don't see the problem. If you make a search for "current_user" the records assigned to the current user will appear, the ones assigned to other users won't, whether they are active or not. If you make a report searching for some users, the records will appear whether the user is active or not.
Yes, that's the problem if I only marked a old user with inactive, and not transfer to new user ...

If i transfer old clients to new user, history is lost.
If i not transfer, my user filters and dashboards ( with the test current_user metatag not working ) ... I menas not list a registries assigned to a inactive user ... of course ...