Full Version: TimeControl Available on Mobile
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Hi again,

I was wondering if it's possible to get the time control module available in the Mobile version of Corebos. That's really the only thing I'm missing there. I can do anything I need to tickets but keep time.
Time control is fully supported in the mobile UI.

have a look and ask again if you can't get it working, I'll ask Omar to give you a hand.
Thanks Joe... still not getting it. I found the global variables but not changes I've made to them have changed the Mobile interface.
I just spoke with Omar, he told me to add two files to the module:


download those two and copy them into that place in your install

then copy the file module/Timecontrol/changeSets/MobileAddTimecontrol.xml to modules/cbupdater/cbupdates

go to the updater module, click on "load" and then apply the change

finally, log into the mobile UI as the admin user and activate the timecontrol module for the other users.
Ok... did all that but this was displayed on the screen:

There's more but it goes on for a while. I made sure to set the file perms the same as the other files in the folders where these files were copied. (please see attached image)
that probably means that you are missing PHP-XML DOM

but that would be REALLY rare, it means that you have not applied any updates, and I suppose that is not the case ??
You are correct. I've been keeping up to date. I do updates on Core about every three days. Is there a method of querying the application for the current version information to confirm?
Making progress. this time I downloaded them on the cmd line of the web server right into the folders (wget), set ownership and perms. Ran the updater as recommended - which ran normally this time - and then logged into the Mobile UI as admin. This time Timecontrol was enabled. However only for the admin user. I don't see anywhere in the Mobile UI to enable to it or anything else for other users.
I've fixed the script MobileAddTimecontrol.php. Before just works for clean install when the other users never have accessed to Mobile module, so now this script check this and add Timecontrol module.

So, you can download MobileAddTimecontrol.php again, access to your database and berli_crmtogo_modules table to delete the Timecontrol entry to admin user. After that go to cb_updater table and edit the last changeset to change the execstate to Pending.
Finally you can apply the changeset again.