Full Version: Disable Recurring Invoice Information block in sales order
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Is it possible to disable Recurring Invoice Information in sales order? I cant set fields to inactive. Second question: How to add date field to product list in sales order? We need "deadline" field for every single product. Thanks!

Please separate your two questions in two different threads, there is no relation between them.

I will answer your first question here:

To hide the recurring Invoice fields you have to go directly to the database, in the vtiger_field table change the "presence" column to 1 for those fields. What I did to test it:
  • go to database, vtiger_block table, search on tabid = 22 which is SalesOrder, I see that the recurring invoice block is 85 (in MY install, it may not be in yours)
  • go to vtiger_field table, search for block = 85, I confirm that those are the 6 fields I want to hide
  • launch this SQL:
UPDATE `vtiger_field` SET presence=1 WHERE block=85
  • edit and save a SO to make sure it is working and the fields aren't there
THANK YOU!!! Its working Smile