Full Version: Purchase order product list in email workflow
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I dont see a variable to show products list / quantity / description in workflow email template. How to get this info?
There is currently no way of getting that information. You will have to create a custom function workflow to do the work for you.

What are you trying to achieve? PDFMaker professional has a workflow extension that will permit you to send the PDF.
Yes it is what i'm trying to do - automatic send pdf (or just any other data with product list from purchase order module) to email after creating PO. Is there any other way? If not - i will buy this extension.

BTW. Why i havent PDFMaker folder in modules?
Don't think about it, PDFMaker is priceless and worth every penny.
Buy it and send us an email, we will send you the updated workflow code so you can send out the PDF on the workflow

PDFMaker is not part of coreBOS it is created and distributed by another company.
I just got licence for PDFMaker pro Smile Can you please send us updated workflow code? Thanks!
If anybody needs these files contact me we have an updated version adapted to coreBOS (which we can't distribute openly due to license restrictions, you MUST buy the professional license for us to send you the updated files)