Full Version: email notification workflow hyperlink
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Is there a way where the $ticket_no or $potential_no can be hyperlink in email notification ?
so that we just click it and goes to that page ?

e.g like this

In email template you can convert the ticket_no variable on a hyperlink adding the detailveiw url.

Look the next gif to see how you can do it.
thank you omarllorens

what i mean is go directly to that ticket page itself
considering we have the conditions set in workflow

e.g.of the direct ticket page there is a record number at the end due to the conditions set in the workflow


I think I've sent you that you need.

The meta variable CRM Detailview URL, generate the url that you need and add the ticketid to the record parameter.

Generate this: put the ticketid that execute this workflow)
thank you
got it

meta CRM Detailview URL