Full Version: To dos - drop down not working
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Dropdown to filter a task status, not working

For example

I access a contact _> tab more option -> module To dos

And any status I selected in To Dos, not change a task list


In my test, I removed a previously relation called Activities and recreate in Layout Editor
and now relation is called To Dos
it is probably related to you having deleted the related list and adding it again. why do you do that all the time?

I just tested on my development machine and it seems to work. Can you reproduce in the demo?
because in the old version when this relationship was established by the layout editor, the system included an N: N relation the select button that causes other problems

How this was resolved I redid the relationship to be right

yes is possible reproduce in online demo

remove a relation with a layout editor and redid
After issue is solved, I used a layout editor to solve this issue too

I means, remove and recreate a relation with contacts, leads and to do, did called received is listed in registry associated again
How I can solve this problem "n:n" without layout editor ( remove and redid a To Do relationship )

Because in layout editor I solved this problem, but drop down not working more ...

set the related list to get_activities
ok, how I can solved in this copy I already done with layout editor?

And solve problem with a drop down?