Full Version: mandatory field related to saved without any value
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There a strange situation, for me,

I don't know how user can saved a opportunity without any value in related to ( this is mandatory field )

And after that, this opportunity is listed as a relation in all opportunities

as a javascript ( browser ) error ..., perhaps
yes, it is a JS error for sue, see if you can catch it and share it with us (look in the logs too)
it is a very difficult catch, because I only know, when system put the same opportunity in all related to, for all contacts registry

This case, related to is associated a contacts ( not a organizations ).

Why system did that?
look in the database, what value does the related_to field have in those records?
I think problem in the query, because when I set a correct value in this specific opportunity ( with null relation ) not is more listed in another opportunities too ...

This made a sense for you?
what value is in the field when it is showing incorrectly?
if i removed a registry without a relation ( I means, related to is null in database ) system shows all registry correctly again
I can't reproduce. even forcing the related_to field to null, the record simply does not appear anywhere.

I also tried from the related lists: adding and deleting and it seemed to work correctly too
You are right, is very difficult to reproduce, only one user did can do that ....
It occurs again, I will save a database before remove the registry to try identify a problem

I don't know what him did, to salve a registry without a value in mandatory field ... ( field related to )