Full Version: I can made a change into field tam size directly in database?
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I look at this tutorial

I created a field, numeric, with 2 digits, and zero decimals, but I need change it to 3 digits

is possible change directly in database ? without lose any value already input ?

Only I need is change a last number? ( see a attached image )
the CPF field is text not numeric and the second image doesn't show that field nor anything related to it, so I am totally lost, but, in general, yes you can change the database field type to increment the size of the field.

in the case of numeric values you have to change the user preferences also
Sorry I didnt clear enough

I used a CPF field image, only as example, to shows the field definition

and second image, I wish to know, is in that table and field, maximumnumlen i need made changes ( value 2 to value 3 )

But i don't understand what changes in user preferences i need to do
you have to change the TypeOfData column, set it to number: N~O~{decimals} and then in the table where the real field is you have to make sure the is at least 3 decimals
this should not lose any information but make backups and test before working on the live version
this is my question
in the past I saw everything in this field, now it looks like the size is in another column

has that changed?
no, it hasn't changed, it has always been like this, all the way back from vtiger crm 5.0.x !!

vtiger_field contains meta-information about the field: how to show it on screen, in what table and column the information is saved, if it is present on the screen or not, how it should be saved by corebos...

the REAL contents of the field, the information or value contained lives in each module's table (or wherever the vtiger_field says it lives).

So, if you need to make a field bigger, you have to modify the physical table where the value is, the column in the table where the information is AND update the vtiger_field meta-information accordingly
Sorry, I still don't understood, because is different in my database

in documentation in link[]=field&s[]=editor

I can see typeofdata with 4 parameters ( like you say )

and in my actual table only have a two parameters ... exactly last parameter ( size of data ) is not presence
that means that your field has no length validation
Yes, field accept more than 2 digits, but not save correct value, in this situation

how, when I created a field, with layout editor, setting test a tam size too?
you have to change the column in the database table
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