Full Version: switch to related sales order/invoice
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is there something like this? I didn#t find it.

Watching a particular quote (or sales order etc.), it would be nice to have an action for changing page to the related sales order/invoice (once it has been created).
I.e. rename the generate link to 'switch to' and make it go to that page.

Just a minor request, but would remove some clicking and page changes (go back to organisations, open sales orders, find the right one, open that).

Or - if we have multiple sales orders for a quote: might make it complicated. Still, would be helpful.
I just saw there is a sales order related list in quote. But it is empty. Populate that upon generating SO from quote would be another option.


On SO, you have a Quote field. If you create the SO from the quote, this field will be automatically filled in, if you create the SO directly you can select the related Quote. Once you do that, you will see the SOs in the quotes related list and you will be able to click on the quote field in the SO to go directly to the quote.

The exact same functionality exists between SO-Invoice.

Make sure you have the fields visible and filled in.

Let us know how it goes.
apparently not in good old vt 5.3 - I don't have that anywhere.
I will try what happens for newly converted quotes in cb.

so yes, this works fine in cb.