Full Version: doubt - pdf maker in tickets
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Today system has relation between tickets and services contracts, for default

But in pdf maker, not possible when was I try create a doc in tickets ( principal module ) get information from services contracts ( related to )

how i can solved that?
I would try in this order:

- use gendoc
- read the PDF Maker manual
- ask the guys at ITS4You
yes, in the manual it does not say how it is possible to change this relationship, I understood through the manual, that there is even one, it would be to create a custom function

I tried to contact ITS4you, but I still haven't been successful (but this moment is also a special moment, the world at a special moment (covid-19)

I am thinking of moving my entire PDF document to Gendoc, but it is delicate (exactly because of this moment, I have limited access to users ...

Thanks for trying to help