Full Version: [Solved] Upgrade after server migration : blank page
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Here are the steps I have followed :

1) Install new coreBOS with git : test OK
2) Copy and replace user_privileges and test directories from old to new install
3) Copy old database into new server install :
4) Change dbname, dbuser and dbpass in according to old database

When connecting to CRM URL : first login page : ok
But after user validation : blank page

I activate logs : no FATAL error in vtigercrm.log

Has someone an idea about what's wrong ?

Please help  ;-)

Maybe you are missing some custom modules?

Compare module and Smarty/templates/modules and make sure you copy over the non-standard modules

Note: you should make a list of those as they will most probably require updating

Let me know how it goes
Ok. Thank you for this explanation.
I think there are too many different modules comparing the 2 install.

In old install :
Accounts          Campaigns         cbtranslation        CronTasks       evvtMenu        Import            Mobile       Portal            ProjectTask    SalesOrder        uploads       Webforms
Activities        cbAuditTrail      cbupdater            CustomerPortal  Faq             InventoryDetails  ModComments  Potentials        PurchaseOrder  ServiceContracts  Users         Webmails
Assets            cbCalendar        CobroPago            CustomView      FieldFormulas   Invoice           ModTracker   PriceBooks        Quotes         Services          Utilities     WSAPP
AutoNumberPrefix  cbLoginHistory    com_vtiger_workflow  Dashboard       GlobalVariable  Leads             PBXManager   Products          RecycleBin     Settings          Vendors
Calendar          cbMap             ConfigEditor         Documents       HelpDesk        MailManager       PDFMaker     Project           Reports        SMSNotifier       Vtiger
Calendar4You      cbTermConditions  Contacts             Emails          Home            Migration         PickList     ProjectMilestone  Rss            Tooltip           VtigerBackup

In new install :
Accounts         cbCalendar      cbSurvey          CobroPago            Dashboard    FieldFormulas     Leads        PBXManager        Project           Rss               Users         WSAPP
Assets           cbCompany       cbSurveyAnswer    com_vtiger_workflow  Documents    GlobalVariable    MailManager  PickList          ProjectMilestone  SalesOrder        Utilities
BusinessActions  cbCVManagement  cbSurveyDone      ConfigEditor         Emails       HelpDesk          Messages     Portal            ProjectTask       ServiceContracts  Vendors
Calendar         cbLoginHistory  cbSurveyQuestion  Contacts             EtiquetasOO  Home              Mobile       Potentials        PurchaseOrder     Services          Vtiger
Calendar4You     cbMap           cbTermConditions  CronTasks            evvtgendoc   Import            ModComments  PriceBooks        Quotes            Settings          VtigerBackup
Campaigns        cbPulse         cbtranslation     CustomerPortal       evvtMenu     InventoryDetails  ModTracker   ProductComponent  RecycleBin        SMSNotifier       Webforms
cbAuditTrail     cbQuestion      cbupdater         CustomView           Faq          Invoice           MsgTemplate  Products          Reports           Tooltip           Webmails

What is the procedure in such case ?
It is these two:
- AutoNumberPrefix
- PDFMaker

Just copy the AutoNumberPrefix directory to the new install. For PDFMaker you have access to the latest release, use that one.

AutoNumberPrefix should be updated as I haven't seen that one used anywhere lately, but, for the moment, try just copying it

Let me know how it goes
Yes !
I can now enter to Homepage.
But when I try others modules : Accounts, Contacts ... I got fatal error

For example, with cbupdater :

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function FetchRow() on bool in /var/www/html/crm/cyb/include/database/PearDatabase.php:671 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/crm/cyb/modules/BusinessActions/BusinessActions.php(257): PearDatabase->fetch_array(false) #1 /var/www/html/crm/cyb/include/ListView/ListViewController.php(669): BusinessActions::getAllByType(41, Array, Array, '1', '125') #2 /var/www/html/crm/cyb/modules/Vtiger/ListView.php(238): ListViewController->getListViewEntries(Object(cbupdater), 'cbupdater', Object(ADORecordSet_mysqli), Array, false) #3 /var/www/html/crm/cyb/modules/cbupdater/ListView.php(11): include_once('/var/www/html/c...') #4 /var/www/html/crm/cyb/modules/cbupdater/index.php(13): include_once('/var/www/html/c...') #5 /var/www/html/crm/cyb/index.php(488): include_once('/var/www/html/c...') #6 {main} thrown in /var/www/html/crm/cyb/include/database/PearDatabase.php on line 671
I suppose you have applied all updates a few times, right?
I can't apply updates because I can't reach this page
I launched the updates from the command line for you: php modules/cbupdater/doworkcli.php apply all
It looks pretty good. Make sure to test the AutoNumber module. Keep me informed
Yes. Thank you.

I did not know the command php modules/cbupdater/doworkcli.php apply all

It looks pretty good as you said.

I will verify these modules
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