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Today itens in setting menu shows in two local, in menu bar and in icon gear at screen top

Not are much space for put itens in menu bar area, not is possible this itens, setting,  only are showed in icon gear?
Make Settings menu "Not Visible"
Yes, but I have some difficult to understand why  use this editor

always I try define different menu for each kind of user, not works for me, probably way I use that

Look, I can remove visible, but if I need returned this option ( for example .. ) not works, for me, anymore.

what I do worng?
Click on "Settings" menu to select it. You haven't selected any menu when you are clicking on update
I tried that, first time works, but after that, not accept change this flag anymore ...
are you kidding me?
After save menu, logoff and logout ...
Please look at my gif: you are NOT SELECTING the menu to edit.
man, it's true

many quarantine days....

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