Full Version: Can Corebos support Mass Email/Bulk Email ?
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Can Corebos support Mass Email/Bulk Email ?

e.g . need to send newsletter or promotional email campaigns to a large list of organization/contact in Corebos.
The easiest way to send bulk emails with coreBOS is with the workflow system. You can create a scheduled workflow task that selects the people to send to and it will send them off in the background. You can create the email template in the message template module and then select the template in the workflow email task.

I would suggest you try with a small number of recipients and once you get it working send to a bigger number but still keep it under control. For example, send to people whose name starts with a certain set of letters and then the next set of the alphabet.

I would also recommend you use SendGrid. This tool is invaluable to control the status of the emails being sent and it guarantees a much better success rate.

Obviously you can select all the contacts on their list view and send the email from there, that will work also but since it is immediate it will block the tab during the send and will run into the PHP memory limit sooner, so keep the sets smaller.