Full Version: hierarchical product categories - fearure request
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It would be nice to have hierarchical product categories. For many, I think this is how they organise their business, but there seems no way to reflect that in corebos. For add product and other places, it would then be good to be able to switch between flat display (as now) and parent/child display, so one can use whatever is faster.

If i know the product name (starting letter)- maybe choose flat view and alphabet, if not - use the product category (e.g. light sources -> research lamps -> Xenon lamps), and in that category, I would even find the light bulb (for sure i wouldn"t remember that product name by mind), the power supply, a little mechanical adapter etc.). Might give some order to really long product lists by grouping related items.

How to realise? I have some ideas from project planning parent task-child task - child task - ...  relationships which I could share. May need an extra field in products to note this type of category (or use the existing one), and a place to store the category tree, as well as some UI in the places where we choose products.

We wouldn"t even need this everywhere (we still have the old selection process), maybe add products in quotation/SO, PO, ticket and define new product would be sufficient.

We have a generic hierarchy extension which may be of your interest. It permits you to configure any amount of hierarchies on some modules and then you can capture records in that module using that hierarchy.

I don't know the pricing on this but I can put you in contact with sales if you are interested. Contact me.