Full Version: Suggestion - unify mailbox information
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Today I need input data for access user mailbox in two different locals

1) Mail Manager, for user access your mailbox inside the CRM

2) and in second screen, when I need setting a Mail Scanner, I will asked for put same data ( imap server, user mail and password ) another time ( and I think system save there information in another table too )

Problem will be occurs when user changes your mail password ( for example ). Is comom forget inform support for changes in Mail Scanner, and process for capture your mail messages is interrupt

I suggest using the information in only one table ( for both process ), is more easy to setup and monitoring, any changes

And when any problems occus too, user will be alerted, when try access your mailbox in mail manager
Mail Converter is not for reading user emails. It is for reading company business process emails, like support emails or survey submissions. They are two very different goals and requirements. If, for some reason, you are reading the same inbox, you will have to set it twice.
System has a good feature, with mail converter, for copy all emails send/received between users and clients automatically. This feature allows create a very rich history.

Option in email rule ( add to/from contact, add to/from account )

But if mail converters fails, not so easy identify ( because it is the batch/server operation )

I will think another way to control that situation

Thanks for your attention
I understand. I had forgot about that functionality. We could implement a "Use the settings of this user: {select user here}" that would read the settings from the mail manager settings
yes, this is a good idea, thanks!