Full Version: Invoice, Quote and Sales Order generation from Opportunities
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When on a Opportunity with no products related, when I try to generate a new Invoice, the form is opened with no product line(no emty line) in the detail part and the buttons for add product or service do not react. It is the same for QUO and SO generation, i attached an image

If there is any product attached to the opportunity then the product(s) gets added and form looks ok
I'll have a look when I can.
Ok. Meanwhile my solution was to make a workflow to associate a generic, 0 value product by default to new opportunities. That way when the quo/so/inv gets generated there is already an article on it and user can proceed with modifying or adding new products in detail part. Maybe it helps somebody facing the same issue.
nice solution :-)
we fixed this one. thanks!!

have a nice weekend
(05-29-2020, 04:53 PM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]we fixed this one.  thanks!!

have a nice weekend

Works like a charm Wink. Great!