Full Version: link sales documents to cbEmployee
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is it possible to link all documents : Quotes, Sales Order, Invoice , Purchase order , IssueCards , ReceiptCards to cbEmployee as it is now with Accounts/Contacts?

You can add your own uitype10 fields and establish the relations that you need. So, yes, that would be no problem at all.
If you need help with the script have a look in build/changesets there are a few examples there and if that isn't enough ask again and I will detail a little more
I was thinking about this request on the way to the office. If you would like to add this directly to the module, you can modify the vtlib_handler to add the fields on install/upgrade of the module and do a pull request on github or send me the modifications.

Let me know how I can help.
Have a nice weekend
it is more simple than i though :

add to vtiger_fieldmodulerel

| 452 | Invoice | Accounts | \N | 1 |
| 452 | Invoice | cbEmployee | \N | 2 |

i will create a cbupdater