Full Version: Autocomplete product/service search on inventiry lines MULTICURRENCY
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We are using multicurrency function for our products, but ususally issuing Quotes/SO/Inv in fixed currency EUR.
Recently find out that depending on the method how we are selecting the products (via products popup OR via autocomplete search) differetnt prices are filled.
Popup selection fills the prices converted to the base currency (corect way), but autoseach fills fill Unconverted price (just the number, without the currency convertion).

With best regards
Hi Marijus,

How recent is your installation? I wrote the autocomplete and recently we found out the multicurrency was implemented incorrectly and we fixed it. So I'm guessing you haven't updated for a while?
Hi, Installation is max 2 moths old. Last updae was 2020-08-29. Today I updated once more, no errors. but situation did not changed.
Please see attachment.
The same product was added. first via pop-up, second via autocomplete. Product has price in GBP.

With best regards

Can you do
var currency = document.getElementById('inventory_currency').value;
in the console, check the value it returns and add a
around line 1968 of include/js/Inventory.js and share both results?
This should be working correctly now

Thanks Luke
Hi, I made the reccomended change on Inventory.js, but nothing changed. Autocamplete still returns price value in pounds, while popu select returns price converted to Euro (as expected).
you probaby need to clear the cache
Thanks now it works.