Full Version: Including Module.php from a subfolder
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I'm creating a new file in the 'module/Calendar4You/' folder. I saw that other files in that folder included PHP files from the system in respect to the system root, so I tried including Module.php like:

PHP Code:

Which gave me an error I understood, because I had to use:

PHP Code:

to tell PHP to move back two levels first. But now I receive an error when Module.php tries to include files ("ModuleBasic.php") in its turn, because it is also trying to use a relative path. How come other PHP files can include using the system root, and I can only include using a relative one? Must be an easy answer but I can't see it.
they probably use the PHP function set_include_path() which tells PHP where to search for files.
Ah great, thanks. I'll look into this
No luck, but I'm starting a topic in which this is used, so you can see the context. Maybe this helps.