Full Version: The last modified user in the history and webservice calls
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I have a problem with saving records either through the vtlib API or the webservice API (both, to be exact). The problem is that when I make a change that is invoked by a certain user, the 'last modified by' user mostly switches to me (as first admin user). When you look at the history entries, you'll see entries that say (Person A (admin) changed this and that and made Person B the last modified user), which is wrong since if it is Person A that made the change, that person should be the last modified one.

I know that we can (and should) sometimes switch to an admin user when we make changes through the code, but in many cases, I don't do that (do webservice calls do that?) and still it looks like it is being done somewhere nonetheless. This is a pity since it creates entries in the history panel that are confusing and sometimes plainly incorrect.
I can't seem to be able to reproduce it using an update workflow task, maybe is it some other workflow task or a version issue. what commit of coreBOS are you on?
I update demo.corebos in case you can try to reproduce it there.
I think it has to do with custom code, where I don't explicitly set the user to the first admin but still somewhere behind an invocation, that happens