Full Version: Exchange server 2010/2013 Integrated Support
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I was thinking today - I know... a dangerous activity - that it would be awesome to have a paid for version that comes with Integrated Exchange Server support out of the box such that coreBOS would do the following automagically after configuration of the module:
  1. 1. connect to the exchange server over the activesync protocol
    2. sync the following:
    1. a. messages
      b. calendar
      c. task (todo)
      d. Contacts

I'm not sure I would want to do anything with notes from Exchange/Outlook because they may not import very well or get along very well with the comments and notes inside coreBOS. In case I'm suggest we reinvent the wheel as I've not yet seen Exchange Integration already created for this code base, its currently offered as an add-on and not part of the out of the box package.
I hope somebody picks this up, we have no experience with Microsoft platforms and don't really want to get into that. Obvioulsy we are open to help anybody who does...
Hi Joe,

I have some experience, at least with the Exchange side. The reason I mention active sync is because that seems to me to be the path of least resistance since most, if not all, smart phones are able to use this path to sync with an exchange server. I'm not sure at this time how the VT add-on works as I've not had a chance to work with it. Perhaps there are those within the community that have a pretty fair understanding of how smart phones accomplish this task that could assist.

There is a developer in my area that may be able to assist with this. I will contact him to find out.
I'm listening
Ok... it's going to take a little time, but it would appear that I'm going to have to dig into this. The developer I had in mind doesn't currently have time to devote to something new. It's gonna be a busy summer.