Full Version: Native Backup excluding storage
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We have a system witch runs more than for 10 years, so a lot of attached documents are in a Storage folder and most of them are not changed for a long time.
Backup module tries to combine database and storage in a one BIG zip file, what takes a lot of time and resources and ends by error (because of too much Storage size).
Would it be possible to separate Storage backup from a Database backup?
Maybe is it possible to use incremental backup for Storage instead of Complete backup?

Have you tried the 'External Backup' method?
No, I havent tried, as for the moment we do not have FTP enabled, yet.
But even we would have, is FTP abckup option is similar to incremental backup? (means only the changed files to be backuped?)
It is not FTP, it is the same backup as Native but using operating system tools

The Native backup creates the .zip using PHP which can't handle that size of documents. The External backup calls the operating system mysqldump and zip commands, so the operation is done by the operating system, not PHP, which permits reaching much higher volumes of data at the expense of having those tools available in the operating system (which is very common).

The FTP option comes after the .zip has been created, one way or another.
OK, will try to use Externa,
But maybe we can separate databse and Storage?
Could the database to be backuped individually and the Storage backuped the same time by using Rsync at the same time? OK that solution maybe is not for hosted environment, but...
I have tried to Enable External Backup Scheduled task and then big ZIP (9GB) with database+storage+test+user_privileges subfolders was generated.

What I would like to achieve, is to exclude Storage directory to be backuped.
someting like Guido1982 was trying to achieve here:

So follwing Joes advice I have commented out the following line:
$archive->copyDirectoryFromDisk('storage/'); in /crn/modules/VitegerBackup/ExternalBackup.service

Thanks Joe :-)
Maybe this could also became as an GlobalVariable option?
good idea. I'll put it on our endless to do list ;-)