Full Version: Mass e-mail from a module that does not have native e-mail support
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We would like to send an e-mail about a software update to customers that have a particular type of asset (the asset needs to be linked to a particular product). Now I know that we can send bulk e-mails from listviews like accounts and contacts, that have native e-mail support. Could we do the same thing for a module like assets easily? Like copying some business actions over to assets and by that, active bulk e-mail behaviour to the listview of assets?
I would use a scheduled workflow task (mass action)

schedule the workflow task on the asset module, with the conditions of those you want to send the email to, then add an email task using the related account field
But then you can't send the e-mail manually by a regular user. I want to enable a user to just send a mass e-mail and use a msgtemplate, like you could do in accounts.
any user can access workflows, so that shouldn't be an issue

you should be able to add email sending to any module as long as it has an email field, so add an email field and fill it in with a workflow, copying it from wherever you have it and add a couple business actions, one to load the mail javascript and another for the button
OK, so the requirements are

- Have an e-mail field directly on the module
- Add the button
- Add the JS e-mail script
yes, I think so. search the forum, I think we have discussed this before
I thought so too, but couldn't find anything. Maybe I used the wrong searchterms.