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Hello, I would like with the mail scanner to be able to generate tickets on specific emails, according to the subject content and the sender. This I could already achieve, I generated as many tickets as I have emails with these conditions. The problem is that now I would like to generate that each ticket is associated with an account. To be able to match there is a custom field that is both in table account and in the body of the email. It is a numeric ID. So far I can generate as many rules in mail scanner as accounts I have. or as many workflows as accounts you have. Is there a way to generate only one and that the workflow for example goes through all the accounts and when it finds a match in the custom field, associate that ticket to that account?
a few weeks ago we added a new workflow expression function:

getIDof(module, searchon, searchfor)

that one should be able to do what you want. you can create a workflow when a ticket is created from the mail converter, add an update task, and update the account with the result of the getIDof() function
Hello Joe. thanks for the suggestion. I couldn't make it.
Mail converter creates a ticket with a title similar to this = "Google Ads: we have received your payment for 646-569-5288". I create a workflow, which has the condition "From mail converter" = YES.
Then what I need is to do an UPDATE FIELD of the ticket in question, with the name of the corresponding account.
For that I have in Accounts a custom field called GoogleID, which would be for example = "646-569-5288"
So what you should do is find that the Ticket title contains GoogleID, and when it finds it, that it takes the name of the account to be able to do the update. I try to do it, but when I do the evaluation of the expression there is something that is not right.
share the expression you are using
(02-27-2021, 06:53 PM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]share the expression you are using

Joe hi
getIDof('Accounts', 'siccode', 'description')   (Evaluate = Empty)

Account = Cliente1
Siccode = 123456

Ticket_tittle = Probando 123456
description = 123456   (obtain this with workflow (expresion substrings - update fields)

I would need that by crossing the information that I have in the ticket with that of the account, in this case through SICCODE (CIF) I can with a workflow put in related to, the account corresponding to each ticket

getIDof('Accounts', 'siccode', description)

if you use the quotes the last value is a string not a field that contains a value
(03-03-2021, 09:06 PM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]getIDof('Accounts', 'siccode', description)

if you use the quotes the last value is a string not a field that contains a value

perfect, now if it returns an ID number, which I suppose will be the siccode. Now, how should I get the account related?
the result is not the siccode, it returns the ID you need to save in the field
(03-03-2021, 10:58 PM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]the result is not the siccode, it returns the ID you need to save in the field

Ok now I understand, the id that it returns is the ID of the account. But do I have to relate it to some other expression? because by means of that ID, it does not update the field, it is still empty.

workflow ----> some condition ----> task ----> update fields ----> related to / Accounts-Organization Name 
expression = getIDof('Accounts', 'siccode', description)

the field still empty. If I change the field by "solution" which is a free text field, if I update it and I get "8418" which is the account ID number. From what I understand that the expression and the workflow work correctly. Only maybe the ID field that the expression returns to me, I have to turn it into another field?

Thanks Joe. 
Sorry for the insistence
To relate the ticket being created by the mail converter to the account you have to set the "Related To" field to the result of the getIdOf call

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