Full Version: Performing webservice calls using validation
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I would like to perform webservice calls, but run the system validations when doing so. I remember we had special way of running the validations when performing webservices, but couldn't find it in the docs.
Nice, couldn't find that through the search method in the wiki
So this is not working for me. I refactored my webservice call from:
PHP Code:
PHP Code:
$client->doInvoke('CreateWithValidation', array('elementType' => 'Assets''element' => json_encode($params))); 
But that just created the asset, while I was using a duplicate serial no., which I prohibit in my custom validation function:
PHP Code:
function isUniqueSerial($fieldname$fieldvalue$params$entity) {
$recordid $entity['record'] == '' $entity['record'];
$r $adb->query("SELECT vtiger_assets.serialnumber
                        FROM vtiger_assets
                        INNER JOIN vtiger_crmentity ON vtiger_assets.assetsid = vtiger_crmentity.crmid
                        WHERE vtiger_assets.product = 
                        AND vtiger_assets.serialnumber = '
                        AND vtiger_assets.assetsid != 
                        AND vtiger_crmentity.deleted = 0"
$adb->num_rows($r) > false true;

check if your function is being called and dump the parameters to see if the query is correct
What query? Ah you mean the validation query. I already spot the issue. The validation receives webservice ID's, where when inside the application, it receives non-webservice regular ID's.
great. adapt your code accordingly
Done, works like a charm now, thanks for the help