Full Version: Suggestion - Action menu - not showed when modules disabled
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you can access it as admin and see the record, the module is probably private. I attach an image

you can consult the escalation rules in the wiki:

Joe, my corebos version it´s different, and with this data the action link don´t appear in the Detailview...

I try to do the same funcionality adding a special block to a module using templates. In this case, the logical code must be in the DetailView.php file, but in this file, can I obtain the id of the current register?

In global values I see $mod_strings, $app_strings, $currentModule, $current_user, $theme, $log.

What is the value of the current Id? Or in what way I can obtain it? Thanks!
normally it is {$RECORD}, the documentation says you also have {$FIELDS->anyfield}, so probably {$FIELDS->accountid} (for example)
Thanks, Joe. $record works. Can you send me the link of the documentation?

Regards and happy new year
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