Full Version: Suggestion - Action menu - not showed when modules disabled
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Today, when I disabled a specific module, system still shows in action menu your link

In fact showed "Module not activated" when clicked.

But I think is better, or more user friendly if system not showed that's links, when module not active ..

see images

What you think about it?
I will add that to our to-do list

you know that those links are just business actions and that you can deactivate them easily with a mass edit, right?
I was thinking about an automatic way
but I could read the table of modules and change in the table of links, via sql correct?
we will implement an automatic way, but you do not have to do any SQL for this

all the actions in the application are defined in the business actions module

you can go to the business actions module, select all the records related to the module you have deactivated and use mass edit to deactivate the actions, it is just a mass edit, no database nor SQL needed
Sorry, I am not explain right way

when I said, automatic, I plan to say, with not manually action ...
I understand. I repeat: I have added that to our to-do list, but in the meantime, you can deactivate the actions in the business actions module easily with a mass edit, no SQL needed
Sure, @Joe

Thanks for your attention.

I need to add a custom action button in a custom module. What is the correct way to do it? I try to create a new Business action, but it dont woks, and I dont know the correct way to do it. I try this , only an example to show a button linj¡ked to google:


the button you defined in that screen will be available only for the administrator or uses in the selected rows.

I tried the same in demo, created a record only for the testdmy user and it appeared correctly in the payments module;
user: testdmy
pass: TeJNV6hePqZ9
Thanks, Joe, but I can´t access to BusinessAction module. When I try to it, I see a CSRF Error.


I  can see the button in the payment module, but I don´t see the BusinessAntions module in the menu

In my instalation, I have the administrator role, anything that I do it´s wrong.

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