Full Version: Error modal within regular modal
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I see the attached picture after updating, is this intentional? I don't think this is correct.
yes, it is intentional. what do you see wrong there?
We are loading a modal within a modal, which I think is wrong. Also, we're telling the user there is a CSRF error and they need to reload the page, but also allow them to cancel and close the modal, which will lead them to a page that will falsely lead them to think they can enter data, only to find out the can't because the CSRF token is not valid. I think the inner modal should just be the only modal on screen, covering the entire window and only allow reloading of the page, since the underlying page is outdated and useless.

If we place the CSRF modal in the popup modal, it should cover the entire modal and not, like now, take up 30% of the enclosing modal thinking the enclosing modal is the window.
well, it has actually been useful to me like that. I just close the window and go where I want, and if you click reload it actually works. Also, it caters to the use case of wanting to copy-paste some information you may not want to lose. I understand what you are saying, but after using it like that for some weeks now, I find it rather practical.

Besides, it is better than the way it was before where it just stopped working.
In that case I think it should be extended in two ways:

- Modify it so that the modal is not modal-in-modal but just visually one modal. The current setup looks kind of clunky in my opinion.
- Prevent the user from performing any save action if they choose to close the modal without reloading the page. That should create a new error that says something like "Can't save new information to this page, it has expired, please reload".

Users are not technical, we should always take heed for that.
I agree. That sounds very correct. Added to the list ;-)
The short one right? ;-)
turns out it isn't a modal inside a modal, it is just a div inside a modal. I made the div occupy more space inside the modal and added some global variables to mark the "dirty" state of the page.

to be continued...