Full Version: Change the default tax type in sale order
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I would like to change the default tax type when creating new in sale order, invoice etc.

I modify:

<select class="small" id="taxtype" name="taxtype" onchange="decideTaxDiv(); calcTotal();">
-                       <OPTION value="individual" {$individual_selected}>{$APP.LBL_INDIVIDUAL}</OPTION>
                        <OPTION value="group" {$group_selected}>{$APP.LBL_GROUP}</OPTION>
+                       <OPTION value="individual" {$individual_selected}>{$APP.LBL_INDIVIDUAL}</OPTION>

and delete

But it didn't help.
Any idea?
Inventory_Tax_Type_Default global variable, no need to modify any code for that

give it a try and let me know
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