Full Version: UI Mods: How to migrate from vtiger 5.2.1 to CoreBOS 5.5?
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In the course of my participation in the vtiger forum (until their switch to v6.x). I did some UI changes, I like to have available again under CB.


Although simple exchange of core files like ... Smarty/templates/Detail... looked promising first, once I wanted to add my "Show Contacts Hierarchy" module to it, I ran into problems. Mainly because I've patched code directly.

Apparently there is to much difference now between these two code-bases ('Meld'ed some files and was distracted).

Any ideas how to change UI Elements in a "proper way" under CB?

Best regards
Rather late answering this one but I finally got to it.

As you know the proper way is to collaborate through github, as you did by adding the contact hierarchy.

Now we also have a set of enhancements that make adapting the application a lot easier. For the tabs we now have a business rule to accomplish that: