Full Version: incoming whatsapp message integration
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It there any paln to support incoming whatsapp message to tickets?

This integration
is only to send messages from the CRM

No, we don't have any pending work on this integration.

I just had a quick look and see that we are receiving "READ" notifications. I mean, when you send a whatsapp a message record is created in the messages module, if you have set up whatsapp notifications that record will get updated when the message is read.

look for me if you are interested
Could you please clarify if the "READ" notifications you mentioned are triggered automatically when a WhatsApp message is read, or are they dependent on specific setup or configurations?

you have to configure the whatsapp notification in Twilio 


you have to set the callback URL to https://your_server/your_corebos/notifications.php?type=whatsapp
Thank you for providing this important insight. Configuring whatsapp notifications in twilio is a crucial step in ensuring effective communication and engagement. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, thanks again.