Full Version: "Uninstall" Free Module PDFMaker
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I've just tried out PDFMaker Free for vtiger 5.40 via "Install Custom Module".

But there is NO "Uninstall". Only a checkmark to disable it!

One way to get rid of it (if you don't like to use the module):

1. Rename/Delete ... corebos/modules/PDFMaker
2. Rename/Delete ... corebos/Smarty/templates/modules/PDFMaker


3. Delete any instance of PDFMaker in 'vtiger_links' in your CoreBOS database.

Only then you get rid of the annoying message "PDFMaker is not installed" when you view or create eg. an invoice etc.

Best regards
You can use our delete module script which can be found in your build/HelperScripts directory:

change CalendarSync to PDFMaker and comment lines 21 and 22 which are not relevant in this case.