Full Version: New style advanced search filers bug
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we have found, that when performing Advanced search filtering for example on a text field where value contains / symbol, then filtering does not works.
For example, I have text field on Invoices called "purchase order" with the value "2021-10-15 no. 123456/561" and would like to filter my invoices searching "purchase order" contains 123456/561 there result will be empty. But if I would search for 123456, then the record will be listed.

Same happens with search condition in reports.

But in standard (not advanced) search this works correctly.

Hi Joe,
Thanks a lot, this change helps, You are fast as always :-)
Maybe we should implement validation in order to do not let text fields to contain other 'forbiden" characters in order to not have similar issues?
Should we be aware, that this change will have side effect somewhere?

the team and I discussed why those characters were limited there. We suspect it was originally for a XSS protection but want to revisit it when we have time so we decided to eliminate those two while we wait to have time to investigate further.

as far as I know there should be no issue nor anything you need to adapt.
So maybe we can also enable " and ' characters?
yes, you can and we probably will also in the near future
Thanks for your support