Full Version: How to put invoice record in read only after special condition
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I need to add new feature to my crm due to accounting demand :
How to put an invoice record in "Read only" after changing invoice status to a specific value ?
I was looking for such function in workflows but not found.
I agree with Ranieri, RAC should work. Have a look also at the archive record pattern explained here:

that should work too.

Let us know how it goes.
Thank you for your 2 advices.
I will look at it to adapt it to my case.

(04-14-2022, 04:28 PM)geraldbigot Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for your 2 advices.
I will look at it to adapt it to my case.


Joe's idea seems more easy to me.
I have succeeded with this solution but : what about administrator user ?
I mean, if we have an accounting control, no one could modify an invoice, even admin user.

Is there any settings to make invoice record totally "read only"

no, there isn't. especially considering that an admin can easily get access to the database itself and go directly there to do anything they want

I have this sort of question in planning. My idea is to send the information to immudb or an immutable table in ClickHouse and permit consultation and comparison with the data in MySQL. Not difficult to do but still a bit far away.